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Technical Adviser – Germany

Job Description:

In order to help customers streamline storage operations while introducing a new storage system into their environment, we want to partner with the customer towards success. The Technical Advisor (TA) is a single technical focal point for the customer throughout the life-cycle of Infinidat products at the customer sites. Likewise, the TA will be a major communication channel for Infinidat when wanting to communicate to the customer – maintaining a great relationship with the customer, he will be able to make sure the right messages are coming across.


  • Increase customer productivity
    • Support and guide the customer through the implementation of new system into his environment
    • Provide a single focal point for all support related issues and prevent the customer’s need to interact with multiple people to get the right answer
  • Pro-active customer assistance
    • Through enhanced pro-active system monitoring the TA will alert the customer of any pro-active maintenance required on the systems
    • Periodic status calls will be handled with the customer and the TA to alert of upcoming code releases and patches to identify target dates for implementation
  • Become the customer’s advocate within Infinidat
    • The TA represents the customer’s pains and needs to Infinidat
    • Through the TA’s feedback Infinidat creates new feature requests and fine-tunes support protocols.
  • Be the focal point for Infinidat when wanting to communicate with the customer
    • The TA should have a relationship with the customer. One that’ll allow him/her to get the right message across.
    • It is the TA’s responsibility to make sure the customer is satisfied with our products and services.

Required Skills & Experience:

  • At least 3 years of experience as a Technical Advisor or in a Technical equivalent position
  • Sensitivity and tolerance when dealing with customers
  • Interpersonal skills and positive communication with both customers and other employees
  • A capability to operate in an ever-changing dynamic working environment
  • A creative thinking when looking for technological solutions
  • Understanding of a central NAS and SAN storage systems
  • Understanding of Ethernet and FC SAN networks
  • Good understanding of an open system world compute platforms – mainly Windows and Linux
  • Good understanding of VMware and Hyper V virtual environments
  • Good understanding of DRP and backup environments
  • Familiarity with DB and application environments, including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft SQL, Exchange
  • Fluent English language skills (both oral and written, another European language – a plus)
  • Accountable
  • Proactive, productive

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Deep understanding of SAN storage systems technologies and protocols
  • Deep understanding of NAS storage systems technologies and protocols
  • Deep understanding of Object Store technologies and protocols
  • Deep understanding of Mainframe storage systems technologies and protocols
  • Deep understanding of Ethernet networks and TCP/IP protocol

This job will require the candidate frequent travel to customer sites.

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