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Data Engineer

Job Description:

Infinidat is hiring a Data Engineer who will be part of the team in charge of BI, data science and research across the organization. A data engineer in our team conducts research for all parts of the organization such as performance metrics, failure rates, financial metrics, development task metrics and more. Additionally, the data engineer is in charge of developing the infrastructure used for conducting such research, including all layers from the data extraction and flow to the SDKs used for accessing it and the algorithms used for understanding it.

The person filling this position is expected to do whatever it takes to get the data and extract the answers from it, from high level tasks such as designing the queries, transformations and display of the process to the low level bits of optimizing each of the above tasks.

As our install base grows, the team and its members will take an active role in designing the next generation of the suite of tools that will be capable of handling much more massive amounts of data with higher abilities to highlight the points of interest making better use of learning / clustering / categorizing algorithms than we do today.


  • Apply code-based research techniques serving as solutions for answering tough questions raised by the various ongoing efforts of the teams across the organization while “digging into” large data sets.
  • Develop and maintain the SDKs and APIs used for performing code oriented research.
  • Develop the in-house BI systems used by the team and their integration with the data sources spread across Infinidat.
  • Maintain and support the technical aspects of the integration between the data sources spread across the organization and the third-party data warehouses used for BI in Infinidat.

Required Skills & Experience:

  • B.Sc. in maths, statistics, physics or computer science.
  • Strong analytical skills capable of solving tough problems.
  • Proven skills in Python, R or Matlab with strong preference of python (at least 2 years experience).
  • Open minded and able to work on a very broad set of problems from many problem domains.
  • Willingness to work on all layers of a given problem at hand, from the extraction of the data and all the way up to providing the answers and visualizing the results.
  • Team player capable of working with various teams across Infinidat.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Knowledge in the Python packages Numpy, Pandas and Scipy.
  • Basic knowledge of SQL / SAS.
  • Experience with machine learning / clustering / classification / dimension reduction techniques.
  • Experience with Big Data engines such as Hadoop / Spark / Storm or others.
  • Basic literacy in linux systems.
  • Basic capabilities in maintaining cloud infrastructure.
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