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Operations Specialist for Hardware

Job Description:

Our team leads INFINIDAT's hardware activities, including next generation design, transfer from development to manufacturing,  development support and so on. We are key participants in ensuring INFINIDAT's products’ industry-leading reliability, performance, and cost-effectiveness. We are looking for talented people to help us in our trajectory of success.

As a Hardware Operations Specialist you will manage all of the necessary back office related activities to ensure our team’s on time, successful delivery.


  • Getting things done!
  • Centralizing vendor related communication  
  • Following up on vendors’ responses to our inquiries
  • Managing the logistics of the various tasks in smooth and transparent manners
  • Tracking schedules and plans
  • Compose and follow-up on purchase requests
  • Tracking, recording and analyzing Hardware failures data
  • Collecting and documenting hardware-related manufacturing and field data  


Required Skills & Experience:

  • Strong ability to operate while working on many tasks in parallel and under pressure
  • Highly detail oriented
  • Team player
  • Very well organized
  • Experience with customer-facing role/s, demonstrating patience and efficiency
  • Excellent English proficiency
  • Time flexibility
  • Relevant background in office management, operations, and logistics - an advantage
  • Mastery of MS-Excel and/or Google Sheets

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience in similar roles
  • Goal-driven, quick, and dedicated


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